Berlin – June 15

June 15 – Berlin

After a restful night in the hostel and a delicious German breakfast, our full day in Berlin began with a bus tour. The clear delineation of the Cold War’s East and West Berlin was evident as we wove through the city streets. Some of the Wall’s graffiti was beautiful, some haunting, some disturbing, but mostly hopeful. In addition to the Wall, Checkpoint Charlie was a stop along the way.

East West Berlin

Straddling East / West Berlin


Check Point Charlie

Brandenburg Gate

The group poses at the Brandenburg Gate – Berlin

We ate a light lunch before walking to the Holocaust Memorial, Brandenburg Gate and the Kulturforum, an excellent art museum. Catching a city bus to attend a worship service at the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedachtnis-Kirche was a special way to end our daylight hours. The dinner prayer initiated and sung by our youth was a highlight. The day was a mix of societal and historical learning, experiencing the art treasures of great masters (Rembrandt, Vermeer, Rubens, among others) and building relationships …. it was a great day.

Tomorrow…..on to the Pergamon and Wittenberg!

Peace from the Pilgrims,

Lois Graff

Kirche from WWII


German Dining

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