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June 21 – Coburg Castle to Munich

June 21 – Coburg Castle to Munich

This morning we had to be on the bus ready to go at 8AM. Everyone was pretty tired but we were on the road for an hour and a half so there was enough time to get a nap. When we arrived, we had to climb stairs to get to the Coburg Castle. The castle had history and a good view but did not compare to the Wartburg Castle.

Veste CoburgVeste CoburgVeste Coburg - Luther

In the castle it was like walking through a maze of rooms. I enjoyed the weapons room, the torture room, and the Luther chapel and room. My favorite weapon in the weapons room was a target rifle with a very decorative shaft. It was manufactured by Augustinus Kotter. There was a torture mask called the shame mask that is made of iron and looks well, shameful. The last exhibit in the castle was the sled exhibit. The horse drawn sleds were all very interesting and colorful.

Torture Museum - Veste CoburgVeste Coburg - Sleds

After we left the castle, we went to eat at a grocery store, which held a backerei and metzgerei. Then we drove to Munich and settled into a new hostel. We all look forward for an even more eventful day.

Dylan Irvin

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